The Beatles Rock Band!

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The Beatles Rock Band!

Post by Plunkie on Sun Aug 08, 2010 9:38 am

A fun and loving game, even if you're not a Beatles fan!
42 songs
fun loving video adventures
one moment you're in the studio and the next you fly to a dream land
up to 4 players *i think*
How does it work?
well basicly its just like any other rock band
you got your guitars, microphones and drum.
You look at the platform that moves towards you and try hitting the right notes (you see the colors)
Beatles Rock Band takes you to a higher level in epic gaming!

Persenol review:

Ah what can i say, this has to be my favorite rock band game.
They set list could have been better but its deffinatly a better setlist then what they picked together on Green Day Rock Band.
This game takes you to the highest
One moment you're in the studio with the Beatles, the next you're in some dream land!
Eatch song, different adventures.
They did a great job on making them look like the Beatles i must say.
Which made me disapointed when they couldnt make Green Day look like Green Day in Green Day Rock Band.
The thing is im not really into the whole rock band games.
I think its stupid really.
But i really enjoy this game.
I think the videos does a whole lot, which let me down in Green Day rock band.
Its like they left the good stuff with the Beatles.
This is a game even for non Beatles fan but once you get it, you'll be a Beatles fan.
You can't resist there epic songs, perfect tunes and sweet lyrics.
The bass in this game was allright, and i don't like to play the guitar or bass.
The drums was normal yet fun to play!

wow.. everything really.

The set list.. not a whole lot but some songs they should have replaced with something better.


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