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She's a sexy rebel half vampire half human who seeks vengeance.
When you see the blood you just want it to spill some more from your victims.
This blood gushing game is for mature
You start off in the 1930's Louisiana, swamp
Be carefull, don't touch the water or else..
Later on you fight natzis
This game is avalible for: PC, XBOX(original), GAMECUBE and PS2.
This might not seem special, but you have no idea how this game sucks you up Wink

Persenol Review:
That's right i said it, one of the best
This is a thrilling ass game.
She's not only the hottest game person ever, she's also the coolest and have the best voice.
The camera work <3
The controller might take a while to get use to, but not really that complicated when you get use to it
i just.. i dont even know waht to say it's THAT awesome :'D
It leaves me speachless even today
I don't have a lot of favorite games, i only have two
But god dammit im sitting here thinking of what to write about it when it's really.. its hard to put down in words how awesome this game is because you kind of have to play it for yourself.
Even if you're not really into the whole Vampire thing, this is still a game for you.
Its..... im gonna stop trying to explain how epic this game is and just .. yeah.
You can probebly get this game for absolutely nothing today on like ebay or something.




Well im not picky about graphic, but maybe you are? it's actually not that bad considering it came from that time where graphic apperently started to matter..


sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny


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