Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

Post by Plunkie on Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:54 am

Ah yes
who dosn't love Buffy?
When this came out people thought it was just for the fans
but soon enough they found it quite forfilling for even the people that diden't really like the show.
You play Buffy Summers
who gains things along her path to destroy The First.
She has of course help from her friends.
Willow who make her health and power fill up, Xander for giving her wepons, and of course giles who gives her pages of new attacks and skills and when the time comes he gives you the fatal wepon of all..

Persenol review:
Yes, i am a Buffy addicte but this game was even better then anyone really expected.
When this game came out i went nuts
I just had to have it.
It ... blew... me... away.
The graphics was amazing considering the time it came out.
One of those games i still go back to to this day and gets amazed everytime.
You look for secrets on eatch platform
the stages gets epic-er and epic-er
There's ... too much that has to be said about this game
don't knock it out till you tried it.
that's all i can really say.
Sure i'ts not Sarah Michelle Galler that does the voice for Buffy but it's no biggie
Go buy it now.


Almost everything!


The voice of Buffy.. like i get that they couldn't get Sarah Michelle Galler because she's a bitch and all, but they could at least try to find someone that sounds alittle like her and make epic comments more fun..
Also they say the same things all the time... they should have made more recordings


sunny sunny sunny sunny Half Sunny
I gave it that half instead of a full sun because of the voice of buffy


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