What phone do you have?

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What phone do you have?

Post by Plunkie on Fri Sep 02, 2011 5:58 pm

Post a picture of your phone and maybe review it a little :3

Samsung Galaxy Ace - with an Angry Birds case (the pig derp)

I've had this phone for like.. i don't know some week or something <.< and i absolutely love it.
My previous phone stopped working, and i had to borrow my brothers old one, which had a cracked screen that gave me glass splinters in my finger every time i had to use it.
I basically swore to never get a touch screen, my heart was settled on a BlackBerry.
After more studies i realized that having a BlackBerry in Sweden today isn't really the best idea.
You can't use the phone to its fullest unless you're a business person or something.
How ever i have read that this year the BlackBerry did however invade Sweden a bit more, and they released a few phones in one month or something, and yeah it should be bigger next year or something at least.
When however you can use the phone to the fullest here in Sweden, i am definitely upgrade to a BlackBerry.
But now i got distracted and started talking about some other phone then my phone i currently have, because i have A.D.D excuse me, but i figured an unnecessary background information on how i got the phone was a way for me wasting time, since i'm bored <.<, so deal with it.
I spent days and days looking for a replacement phone for a BlackBerry, affordable but i had no success.
You can't just simply replace a BlackBerry or get something equal to it.
I did however tell myself, yet again, that i won't be getting a touch screen, i am too against it.
Realizing that all phones had touch screens today just totally killed my mood and i just had to decide on some touch device.
I don't want anything flashy, or with 05940390594 GB memory or RAM or whatever, I have other gaming gadgets for that really.
So i stumbled upon this device.
It's the size of an Iphone 3g, but in my opinion way better ( then again i hate everything that apple shits out).
It looks alot like the Iphone 4 but is obviously far from an Iphone, thank god.
It is an android phone, think it was 5 mpx Camera, but who cares i don't take photos with my phone lol, 3g network and.. yeah appstore and all that stuff that follows with an android.
I thought i wouldn't like it all that much when i got it, but when i actually did, and played around a bit to see what it could do i was amazed.
I can't put it down now haha, well okay i can but at first i couldn't.
I still haven't given it a name yet, yes i name my tech stuff, because i love them like my babies.
I happen to name things that i love :3.
I think what really captured me about this phone was that this app called WhatApp, is an app where you can message people ALL OVER THE WORLD FOR FREE.
Now i don't have friends in my own country, except for my boyfriend Johan, so that really.. i rape that app every day.
I am very happy with this buy.
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